Shipping Information

Minimum US order is $25.00 (plus shipping).

Estimated US Shipping Charges: Where possible, we ship Priority Mail, so please include full street address or PO Box if applicable. Local customers may pick up orders at the garden to save shipping costs.

An estimated shipping fee of $13.00 - $18.00 (depending on your area in the US) is calculated by the shopping cart system. This will cover priority shipping on smaller orders, and ground service for larger orders. For priority shipping on larger orders, particularly for beardless orders sent east of the Rockies, there will be an additional charge of $1.00 for each iris in excess of the first 6. The exact fee will depend on the size and weight of your order. Customer Service will contact you to adjust the shipping fee, if necessary.

Shipping Live Plants: We ship live plants freshly dug just prior to shipping. We coordinate our shipping dates to optimize the plant’s ability to grow, survive the winter, and bloom for you the next spring. Therefore, shipping can sometimes be several months after you place your order, especially if you order very early in the season.

Shipping Dates: Bearded iris orders will be shipped mid-July through the end of August. Japanese, Louisianas, and Siberians are shipped August – September; Spurias early in October. These beardless irises must be shipped by air in order to get plants to you in good condition. Beardless irises shipped in September and October are shipped separately from any earlier bearded irises, and will incur separate shipping charges.

International Orders

Yes, we ship internationally where feasible, to limited countries.

International shipping of live plants is difficult. There are strict environmental regulations governing shipment of live plants across international borders, and wide variations of shipping costs. Regulations and costs change often. Therefor, international orders are subject to additional confirmation by Customer Service, particularly to EU countries and Russia. Please contact us before placing an international order from the website.

 A base shipping estimate of $110 is applied by the shopping cart to international orders, but this is only an estimate, as shipping costs vary greatly. Customer Service will contact you with the exact rate. Minimum international order is $100.00 (plus shipping and required phytosanitary certificate).

Refund Policy

Guarantee: We make every effort to send healthy plants, true to name. Should an error occur, or the plants not arrive in good condition, please let us know immediately and we will gladly replace them. We cannot, however, be responsible for loss over winter due to unfavorable weather, soil type, or other conditions beyond our control.

Bonus Plants

Bonus Plants will be included on all bearded iris orders. These will be our choice, based on order size and availability, but your suggestions are welcome.


Substitions will not be made without your permission.


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